We believe that patients, globally, must be served better by the healthcare system. We are passionate about healthcare and also about using information technology to overcome the economic and resource constraints that hinder equitable care for all.

We developed a software platform that connects the healthcare environment so enabling patient care to be coordinated across specialties and clinical disciplines. This enables key clinical information to be shared between the care team and patients in a timely manner. The software platform is architected in a way that diverse information can be collected from disparate sources, aggregated and stored in a semantically contextual manner within the framework of a health record. Smart functions that include a rules engine, alerts, analytics and decision support act on data elements stored within the platform to support quality and consistency of care delivered. The platform was named "Excelicare" as a representation for "Promoting Excellence in Care".


Excelicare’s strength stems from its high semantic capabilities which connect various data sources, facilitating efficient and contextual use of information. For example, it enables automatic classification and grouping of records of various patient data items such as medication, problems, or laboratory results that are stored and coded in many different terminologies and granularities by different IT systems, and collate these into harmonised lists. Semantic capabilities also allow for product flexibility in diverse clinical implementations. The same platform is used in diverse region-wide specialty care implementations as in Cleft Lip & Palate, Cancer Care, Sexual Health or in specific Homecare settings for management of COPD or as a general HIE connecting a community. Excelicare, whose development required hundreds of person-years of investment, stands out in the industry for its functionality and the harmony of its elements.