Patient Flow and Referral Management


Excelicare Hub may be used for Patient Flow Management as it can track transitioning of care and will raise alerts on imminent breach of re-admission or other patient flow targets.

Excelicare Referral Management helps track waiting times and manages referrals efficiently. It is a browser based system and supports access from remote sites. Referring providers log on to secure site and are provided with a list of clinical services they can refer to. Once a service is selected an appropriate referral template is displayed allowing the provider to submit information on the patient and reason for referring. External file attachments such as photographs or scanned documents may be sent with the referral. With the information submitted by the referring provider, Excelicare auto-registers the patient and sends an acknowledgement to the referring provider. All information sent with the referral is added to the patient’s health record within Excelicare and an entry is made on the Referral Dashboard. Providers at the hospital may drill down from this dashboard and view referral information as well as all aspects of a patient’s health record based upon the local access control setup. Rules within Excelicare may automatically accept and route referrals or reject referrals if required. Excelicare also supports local tailoring of codes.

Online referrals save time and offer convenience to referring physicians. Referring physicians are kept informed of their patient’s journey through the referral process by status messages or through a physician’s portal where they can view status updates. Custom referral templates ensure that minimum clinical information accompanies referrals and so patients are seen by the most appropriate clinical service provider in a timely manner. The Enterprise dashboard provides hospital users with a drill-down list with options to accept, reject or re-route referrals. All referral activity is tracked and is available for reporting and further analytics.