Health Information Exchange with an aggregated clinical data repository


The AxSys Health Information Exchange (HIE) solution is an integrated standards-based interoperability platform based upon Excelicare. It is specifically designed to exchange healthcare data between disparate sources, and process and contextualise the data to present clinically meaningful information so that providers can orchestrate efficient care delivery across a community.

The Excelicare HIE offers the next generation of data exchange putting more focus on the usage of composite clinical data to provide quality care. Its architecture is based on a non-federated, aggregated clinical data repository which enables the storage and collation of discrete clinical data from multiple sources, with display of summary information in a Continuity of Care Document (CCD) format. Excelicare can accept data from any external data source in different coded or un-coded formats as well as different message standards. The dynamically extensible data architecture together with semantic mapping technology enable aggregation of data gathered from disparate sources to construct a longitudinal health record on patients. Unlike standard federated HIEs, this architecture produces composite and structured views of clinical information rather than a collection of document links.

All information collected within Excelicare is actionable and available for analytics and other secondary use.