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Excelicare is a comprehensive clinical information system that has all the core components required to support a secure electronic patient record. It is robust, scalable and can be deployed as an enterprise wide system. It is already in use delivering support to clinicians and patients in a single institution or across large regions spanning multiple hospitals. In Scotland, Excelicare is the platform for the national sexual health solution. It is deployed as a single instance application hosted at the Scottish NHS national data centres, delivered through the Web using NHS Net to all regions in Scotland and used by 3000 clinical and administrative staff across 200 sexual health clinical sites.


Our experience has shown that no two clinical institutions work in the same way and to ensure successful deployment and clinical buy-in, clinical software solutions have to be configurable to match local requirements. With this in mind AxSys designed Excelicare with a unique architecture that is based upon an extensible, dynamic data model and a rich library of clinical objects. This allows Excelicare to be easily configured to match local working practice and deliver to local information requirements. It is particularly suited to complex clinical environments with multi-disciplinary and multi-location care teams.


AxSys Technology has also evolved a methodology of project delivery over the last 12 years through experience of delivering and deploying Excelicare across a wide range of clinical scenarios. Our methodology is based upon detailed analysis of client requirements combined with rapid application development by configuring pre-built clinical objects and modules within Excelicare. This results in software that is easy to use as it reflects local working practice while remaining configurable to allow for new process and procedures to be added as time goes by and clinical practice or information requirements change.

Excelicare Application BuilderThe Excelicare application builder is our toolset to build workflows, care pathways, smart forms or complete clinical applications as an extension to your implementation of Excelicare. All this, without coding changes to the core platform!


With the Excelicare Application Builder, an enterprise is empowered to take control and manage its own health information strategy without resorting to hundreds of man-hours of costly change requests as is common with other IT products. The application builder is the ‘secret sauce’ powering the ‘best in class’ flexibility and configurability in Excelicare. This power enables Excelicare to function as a flexible electronic patient record, a population health management solution, a personal health record or to deliver tele-health solutions.


The application builder has an integrated visual development environment that is used to create complex, smart and highly functional clinical applications. Underlying code, data tables and relationships between data items are automatically created by Excelicare so users need not have coding or database programming skills in order to create highly functional applications.


Embed evidence based care protocols using the application builder in Excelicare to support active care coordination and chronic disease management

AxSys have a growing library of ready-to-use specialty applications created with the Excelicare Application Builder that can be rapidly implemented by any healthcare organisation or be modified or enhanced to meet local need.


The list of more than 40 specialty applications that have been designed and delivered is growing all the time, but includes:


  • Reproductive Health (Sexual Health)
  • Colposcopy
  • Diabetes
  • COPD
  • Orthopaedics
  • Rheumatology
  • Cancer Care
  • Tele-health applications
  • and many more…

The ‘out-of-the-box’ Excelicare patient record framework has the following components that provide core functionality suited to multi-specialty EPRs:


  • Advanced scheduling and diary management
  • Referral management
  • Clinical Dashboards
  • Workflow tools
  • Laboratory Results Viewer
  • Clinical documentation tools for structured and unstructured information
  • Multi-Media data items
  • Clinical alerts management and complex rule builders
  • Specialty specific screens and smart clinical templates
  • Clinical terminology that supports a variety of clinical codes such as ICD-9/10, SNOMED, CPT, LOINC etc.
  • Ad-Hoc patient search functionality to generate dynamic lists to support research, education or clinical practice
  • Data extraction, reporting and analytics
  • Interoperability layer to support HL7, xml, and other EDI formats for data interchange.

The Excelicare, Integrated Sexual Health application is a user friendly clinical information system for sexual health services. It is the market leading Sexual Health application in the UK and is used my most of the major centres in the NHS. It is the National Sexual Health (NaSH) system for Scotland adopted by all mainland health boards.


The application is web-based with powerful security controls to protect patient confidentiality. The design has been created to meet the demanding requirements of clinical leaders within the reproductive health field and provides seamless collaborative care between staff, clinics, specialities and services.


The functionality, flexibility and automation within the Excelicare application allows clinical staff to spend more time in consultation and less time performing administrative tasks. The clinical data capture forms have been designed to complement the skills of the clinical user acting as a clinical support tool to ensure compliance with best practice.


National standard reporting requirements are dealt with by a simple ‘click of a button’.


In addition, all data entered into the application readily is accessible to the suite of reporting tools available to the user. Commissioners can be provided with timely accurate data enabling services to be clear when recharging out-of-area consultations.

NaSH is hosted at the national data centre for Scotland and is accessible over the secure NHS web.


NaSH provides:


  • A clinically rich, web based system holding over 890,000 patient records
  • An integrated Sexual Health EPR system managing over 5 million patient data-capture ‘forms’
  • Designed from the start to support integrated sexual health. Clinical history forms allow clinicians to record a structured history and key risks
  • Over 500 ‘virtual’ clinics within the application
  • Manages 8,000 appointments weekly from the shared web diary system
  • 70,000 patient clinical forms updated each week
  • Provides dynamic work-lists for patient management based on powerful PRISM reports, allowing electronic workflow of positive results or child protection issues for further management
  • Provides Clinicians with a rich Patient Summary that allows the user to quickly review the patient’s history
  • Security layers to provide local views for each NHS Board, User or Service
  • Interface links to the National Demographic and Laboratory Results Stores as well as to QAS address software.
  • 1,000,000 records migrated from legacy systems to Excelicare NaSH
  • Secure Local and National patient data/reporting views
  • In total there are around 3000 active users in the system.
  • Approximately 900 users currently use the system on a day to day basis
  • The concurrent use of the system reaches 300 users daily
  • Interface with NetCall system for upload of laboratory results for patient telephone collection

Dr Andrew Winter, Chair of the NaSH User Management Group said:

“NaSH has transformed our clinical practice with the ability to see detailed sexual health medical records in any clinic location including outreach settings. Our patients can use any sexual health site in Scotland confident their clinician will have their records to hand, but also have the option of anonymous care if they wish. We have radically reduced turn-round for getting results to patients due to the sophisticated laboratory links and mapping of lab results to patient results. The real-time PRISM reports allow us to contact patients as soon as a positive result is electronically notified to us, and have hugely improved our team management of the most vulnerable clients. The reporting database ‘views’ allow us to use our own database reporting tools to create detailed analysis of our business flow, recorded risk and health outcomes, while confident that analysts can never see the actual named data. “