Advanced Scheduling


Excelicare has an advanced scheduling module that is web based and has the capability to manage rosters for consulting rooms, services or staff and offers lots of flexibility in managing time-slots, types of appointments, booking templates and much more. It offers variety of views, the ability to find ‘next free slots’, set up staff roles, set up services and also quick navigation options. Patients that appear on any view have hyperlinks to their other appointments and also to their health record within the Excelicare Hub subject to the access control and security framework rules within the implementation. This is a scheduling system designed for healthcare so is highly secure in terms of patient confidentiality and protecting sensitive health information.

The Excelicare scheduler is in daily use across many implementations today. An example of a large implementation of the Excelicare scheduler is the National Sexual Health system (NaSH) in Scotland where this is used by more than 2000 users scheduling more than 7000 appointments every week across more than 500 clinics throughout Scotland. This is a single instance implementation accessible over the web to all sexual health clinics in Scotland.

Patient self-booking

The Excelicare appointment scheduler has options to allow patients to self-book appointments over the web or through Kiosks that may be placed in waiting room areas. Patients seeking self-booking can also be prompted to complete a short questionnaire so that they may be triaged and offered a ‘fast track’ option at the clinic. In one of our implementations introducing patient self-booking with triage for a busy clinic has been so popular that the number of self-bookings made through the web has dropped the number of bookings made through conventional routes such as calling a reception desk by more than 40%. This has reduced cost of administration and also increased the throughput of patients at the clinic.

Waiting Room Manager

For busy clinics or doctor’s offices, the Excelicare Waiting Room Manager provides an excellent means of ensuring that patients are managed in a time efficient manner. The system monitors how long patients have been waiting to be seen or how long they have been waiting in between services and can create alerts based upon pre-set parameters. A web based dashboard shows the status of each patient including information on what services they have come for, who they are waiting to see and the reason for their attendance. The list of patients on the Waiting Room Manager Dashboard can be ordered by name, time of arrival, clinic name or other parameters. It also has other views that show services being offered at the clinic, names of clinicians or staff members who are allocated to clinics as well as patient appointments.